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We're former Cannabis executives with Operations, Compliance, and Risk Management experience in the Cannabis Industry.  We've spent time in some of the largest MSO's, Regional players, and Single State operators - in both publicly traded and privately held ownership structures.


We've been there.  We've done this before.  We see the realities and struggles that are daily survival in Cannabis.  We believe there is a better way - to get out of the rat race of "one size fits all" products and Band-Aid solutions.  To build more sustainable, manageable companies - with strong employee culture. That is our mission - to help you build the structure and systems to mature and move forward, sustainably.

Whether you are building for an exit, raising funds, expanding into new markets, or simply trying to build a lasting legacy - we can help you systemize your business and avoid the typical pitfalls - Regulatory slowdowns, rework costs, product and regulatory deficiencies, and operational inefficiencies caused by the "Cost of Compliance".

In short - we know what it takes to navigate the minefield and hit your revenue plan, consistently. Let's get to work.


Ben Allmand

Founder & Principal

Ben entered the Cannabis industry from a "first career" in Financial Services.

Ben has done extensive Cannabis work in site development and licensing, M&A and Due Diligence, Public Affairs/Regulatory lobbying, and worked on rulemaking committees for multiple states.

Ben has held Director, VP, and C-Suite titles in the industry - including Chief Operating Officer at Diem Cannabis, and most recently Senior Vice President Compliance at Cresco Labs.  

Ben's unique ability to work across functional areas and build holistic, Culture-based systems led him to understand the lack of, and need for, such systems in our nascent ecosystem.

Prospice Consulting was born to provide that guidance and learnings to a wider swath of the industry.

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