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Fractional Risk & Compliance Management


Experienced Cannabis Industry Leaders

The Cannabis Industry is maturing, quickly.  You know that a lack of Compliance and Risk Management is slowing your growth - but a seasoned Compliance professional isn't in the budget.  What if you could utilize a service provider to build and manage the program at a fraction of the cost?  That's what we do. No matter where you are on the Compliance Journey, we're here for you.  

Compliance/Risk Management Consultation

We offer hourly rates for general Compliance & Risk Management Consultations and Project Management. Free initial Consultations, no issue is too big or small.  We’re here to help.

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Independent Audit

We will design custom independent audits.  Whether as your annual auditor for a complete program or assessing a specific tenet within the system – we’re happy to build around your needs.

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Ready to get serious about managing your Risk and Compliance in a programmatic, holistic manner?  We offer management packages to supercharge your program.  Packages are designed to include an Audit and short-term ongoing Management by Prospice (though you can choose one or the other) with the intention of building your program and turning it over to you.  This enables us to make experienced, fractional management and development affordable to operators of all sizes and sophistication.


Our Packaged Services meet you where you are within the 3 Layers of Defense


You have written policies.  You have a training program.  You're off to a great start, but aren't sure how to pull it together into a complete program that supports your frontline employees in mitigating your significant risks?  We can help.

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Your frontline employees are supported and business is humming.  Now you need actionable insights and a way for your business unit managers to gain visibility and structure surrounding their significant risk factors, to add efficiency and gain confidence in your revenue plans.  We can build that structure.

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